Besides supplying our standard products, we also offer the following services:

  • Private Labeling
  • OEM Services
  • ODM Services

In fact, the majority of our business stems from Private Labelings and OEM/ODM Services.

We will cooperate with your company who, having strong sales and marketing expertise, needs specific products for their customers. We specialize in product development, design, manufacturing, and testing. Utilizing our many years of experience in this field, Athena UPS will create a product based on your customers' specific market demands or application requirements. Please consider Athena UPS as your engineering and manufacturing department.

Private Labeling

Order from either our standard products, or customized products (i.e., adding modifications to our Standard Products to provide one that can satisfy your requirements. [ See ODM Services for a completely customized product. ]

Then, we will work with your company to incorporate the product with your company's logo or trademark, your own model number or part number, and your company's contact information.

OEM Service

If you already have your product designed, we can provide manufacturing and testing services, then supply the products to you. As the product will be of your own design, the products will exclusively be manufactured and shipped to your company or the destination you specify.

ODM Service

When our products cannot meet your specific requirements and your company does not have ready-designed products, our engineering teams can work with you to turn your concepts and ideas into reality. The team will develop a product to suit your market or application requirements. Our engineering team will work with your ideas and concepts through development, design, prototype samples, design verification testing, tooling, product manufacturing, and safety standard compliance certification to arrive at a final product able to fit your requirements.

If your company requires any of the services or a particular power systems solution, please contact us with your power product requirements, and we will be more than happy to work with you to turn your ideas and concepts into real products.