About Us

Athena UPS provides a wide range of standard and custom power solution and products and OEM & ODM services to customers worldwide. We strive to satisfy all the goals of our customers by distributing reliable power products in an efficient and timely manner. Athena UPS staff will work with your company to achieve complete product satisfaction.

Athena UPS is the OEM sales and marketing office of Soltec Technology Co., Ltd. Soltec has been a leading designer and manufacturer of UPS, Frequency Converter, and Inverter products since 1986. Currently we have engineering and manufacturing facilities located in DouLiu, Taiwan and XiaMen, China. Soltec Technology Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001 certified UPS manufacturer in Taiwan.

In 1998, a new factory was established in XiaMen, China, and has built a reputation as the premier supplier of on-line UPS in China, a reputation based on the provision of superior quality products and after sales service, which has become the benchmark for the industry. This year our China factory has expanded production lines to a production capacity of about 50,000 units per month.

Since 1986, Soltec has been shipping products worldwide. Over the last 5 years, Soltec has produced more than 800 high power units with defective rate of less than 0.4%. Because of our persistence on quality and reliability, we have become the most reliable manufacturer among Taiwanese manufacturers, and are capable of serving customers of Computer, Information Technology, Telecom, Power Generating Plant, Semi-Conductor, Steel and Oil, Hospital, University, Air Force & Air Port, and other military, industrial and commercial sectors.

Factory Picture
Soltec Technology factory in Taiwan