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Occasionally, our standard products may not be the perfect fit for your particular application. In this case, please discuss with our engineers your particular application requirements, for example: If you are looking for UPS or Power Conditioners, or Frequency Converters for an application that supplying a Pulsing Load, like: Medical Imaging X-Ray Machine,  MRI system, Ultrasound, CT Scanner, Linear Accelerator, Motor Loads, etc... Our Engineer can work with you to identify the requirements and feature to suit your application. In most cases, this process will be able to reduce costs by cutting away at extraneous features.

Also, it would help us a lot if you can include what you expect to get from the products you are ordering. Sometimes (especially if you are ordering a UPS or power product for the first time) you may have trouble choosing the right product. To help us avoid any complications let us know the application demands of the product.